2017 Programme

Wednesday January 25
AGM;  Astronomical Events of 2017
Mr. Richard Sargent             (Chester Astronomical Society;  BAA)

Wednesday February 22
The History of the Earth                                                                              ***   Confirmed.   ***
Prof. Albert Zijlstra             (The University of Manchester)

Wednesday March 29
The Liverpool Telescope: A Giant Robotic Eye on the Universe
Prof. Mike Bode                  (Liverpool John Moores University)

Wednesday April 26
The Forgotten Star Atlas
Mr. Kevin Kilburn                (The University of Manchester;  Manchester Astronomical Society)

Wednesday May 31
When Galaxies Collide
Dr. Megan Argo                   (University of Manchester)

Wednesday June 28
A Solar Event
Mr. Peter Williamson            (Shropshire Astronomical Society;  BBC Radio)

Wednesday July  26
Quick Astrophotography in a Light Polluted Sky.
Mr. Steve Warbis                 (Macclesfield Astronomical Society)

No Meeting       

Friday-Sunday September 8-10                                                                  ***   Confirmed.   ***
British Astronomical Association Weekend Conference at King’s School
Various                                (BAA)

Wednesday September 27
Einstein's Relativity Tested to the Limit with Pulsars
Dr. Rene Breton                   (University of Manchester)

Wednesday October 25
Members’ Night;  Telescope Night
Talks by society members     (Chester Astronomical Society)

Wednesday November 29
Staying Ahead of the Curve: Progress in British Variable Star Astronomy   ***   Confirmed.   ***
Dr. Jeremy Shears                (Chester Astronomical Society;  BAA)

No Meeting

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